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Privacy policy

 User Agreement

This Agreement  regulates the relations between User and the site Administration performing retrieval and dissemination of information on this resource. The site Administration can edit the posted information and can accept responsibility for its content.

1. Subject of  Agreement

Administration allows the User to post on the information resource "GlobalProgAnswer" following information:

- text information;

- video in a format allowed  by the Administration;

- foto materials a the format allowed by the Administration;

- links to materials, posted on this information resource, or others information resources.

2. The Site Administration has the right to:

 - create, modify, cancel terms of use of  the information resource «GlobalProgAnswer» by own way; 

 - limit  the access to any information uploaded by the User;
 - delete the information posted by the User and the User's account by own way.

3. The User shall be obliged to:
- use the website, the contents and services therein in accordance with this Agreement, ensure the reliability of the provided information;

- you can download examples;

- you can copy code and use it for yourself; 
- not to disseminate the information, which is aimed at promoting war, incitement to national, racial or religious hatred and enmity, as well as other information, the dissemination of which is subject to criminal or administrative liability;

- not to perform activities which may cause the Website to crash, or may overload or impair its normal operation; not to introduce programs  or other logical devices that cause alteration to the computer systems pertaining to the website holder or third parties; 

-  you can't copy and paste information from our site to another site. 


4. The Administration shall be obliged to:

- protect of the User's account from unauthorized access and the destruction of the User’s uploaded information;.
- delete, without any cause or notice to the User, any Content, Materials, comments, any information, which in the Administration's opinion violate and/or may violate the Legislation, present Agreement, Privacy Policy, rights of other Users or third parties, cause them harm or threaten their security;
- delete the User’s account in case of violation of the Legislation and/or terms and conditions of the present Agreement.

5. Coming into force and termination of the Agreement

     This Agreement comes into force after User Authorization on the information resource «GlobalProgAnswer» and shall be in force for indefinite period of time.
   The  Administration  have the right to change provisions of the present Agreement unilaterally. 
    The  Administration has the right to send notices to the User, including notices regarding amendment of the Agreement, by e-mail, regular mail or by posting such notices in the Service.
The current version of the Agreement is available at URL:

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